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slong400 started this conversation


i am in need of donations and any info you can give me i owe $10,000 for 2 surgeries

i had in 2007 i had a Conoloscopy and also major surgery too

and now since that pelvic surgery this has all happened to me all weeks after this surgery never had any of this before

1 a blood clot ,, but he said it was ok and that there maybe scar tissue grown around it

2 then theres fluid in my pelvic area ,he said it was getting smaller

3 then really bad pains in my left leg nothing said

4 then still having pelvic pain

5 then something wrong with my back , feels like i am being shocked  he says its probally a Pinched Scaltic Nerve

6 next and last visit he says my Urinary Bladder is imflamed so he gave me a prescrption to take these pills called pyridium for 5 days then call back so i called a week before he even bothered to have his assistant to call me back

he says to go see my regular doctor and have her to refer me to a Urologist and call him if i have any more female problems well i am still having pelvic pain and my doctor asked me if the GYN doctor told me that my back and knee and leg pain was from the pelvic surgery but as i told her he never said and that was that

so i guess when i didnt get any kind of medical card or help he didnt want anything else to do with me but i told him all this before i even went to him so please anybody help me please thanks Slong400

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hi will some body at least give me some ideals on this i will try whatever i can

it would be great if i could get an SSI check and medical card

and if we could get the full amount of food stamps for 2

that would take a miracle but that doesnt happen now days at least not for me

so please some body help me ok thanks SLONG400

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